Tokyo Disney Land Halloween 2019

Tokyo Disney Land Halloween 2019

Hi Beauties,

Today, I want to write a post and share my experience when I went to Tokyo Disney Land’s Halloween Event. This was my first time ever celebrating Halloween – it was so special to celebrate the holiday at my favourite place on Earth.

My friend, her mum and I all got there really early, I visited Halloween one week after Typhoon 19 had caused the parks to close the previous weekend so the park was ridiculously busy! I hadn’t ever been to the park when it was so packed before so it was an experience but I yeah, it wasn’t what I would have wanted but never mind, it wasn’t something I could change.

The Entrance to Tokyo DisneyLand – doesn’t it evoke feelings of excitement?

The Entrance is decorated for the Season! The first thing we did was take photos – my friend’s mum and I took photos of the park and my friend went at got some fast passes for ‘The Haunted Mansion’ (More on this in a minute, please be patient!)

Pumpkin Decoration

I like how Disneyland in-cooperates a selection of ‘harvest’ theme decor as well as spooky themes. I personally prefer more ‘harvest’ theme decor as I’m not really into ghouls and ghosts as much.

Halloween Display with Micky, Minnie and others

The front of the park and the ‘Western’ Area were the most decorated in the park, I didn’t see many other decor in other areas which makes sense, Halloween doesn’t really match the ‘futuristic’ theme of Tomorrow Land much.

How cute is this? They’re taking a #Selfie

We walked around admiring the decor for a little while and then made our way over to our ride as we got an early fast pass for Haunted Mansion…

The Nightmare Before Christmas! The Haunted Mansion has been redesigned and changed from the usual design – which already spooky and perfect for Halloween into an even more perfect seasonal ride! I believe this ride remains this way for the Christmas season as well but I haven’t been during Christmas so I can’t confirm that personally.

Even the already spooky garden is decorated with Halloween theme!

My Ticket for the day!

I managed to snap a photo while waiting for Fast Pass! I kind of wish that they made seasonal tickets so I can remember which day I went to the park and what event I saw. But Goofy is kind of Halloween-like with the purple background and orange top.

Is it Halloween? Or is it Christmas?

You aren’t meant to take photos inside but I just wanted to share how the ride looks different inside as well! It’s completely different from the usual theme! If you don’t like scary rides (like me!) The Haunted Mansion is still okay for you! It’s not particularly scary at all and it doesn’t have jump scares or fast bits in it so it’s good for a lot of different age groups. The ride is in Japanese however but even if you don’t really understand that much, the ride still will make sense as the songs are still in English.

This ride is quite popular so my advice is either fast pass or try to get there early! The line moves quite quickly actually even when it looks really long! Just grab a snack and enjoy looking around!

After The Nightmare Before Christmas we went to It’s a Small World as it’s relatively close by. I know that this ride is popular with some and not popular with others but I really like it! It’s cute! I like to ride it once if I can when I visit the parks – but I probably wouldn’t ride it more than once a visit personally.

Little Hercules! I love Hercules the movie so I was excited to see him as he tends to be a little forgotten sometimes.

The little lambs are so cute!

The ‘Japan’ area is so pretty. This ride is a water ride but it’s not shaky – I do tend to get motion sickness quite easily but I don’t get ill on this ride.

The Queen on Hearts Banquet Hall – It’s next to It’s a Small World (in between it and The Haunted Mansion) I’ve eaten here a few times as I really enjoy it! I love the Wonderland theme food and sitting area so much. We did not eat here today though.

After our two rides, we watched the spooky parade. The parades are my favorite part of the park! I really love them so much and so do many other patrons of the parks! It can be hard to get a good seat if you are unprepared as the Japanese love to sit in the best spot for hours to claim the best photo spots! If you want to take pictures it’s best to be prepared but since I like to see the floats, enjoy the songs and snack on popcorn while the parades happen I’m not normally so fussed where I sit/stand as long as I can see!

Mickey Mouse! I think this parade is similar every year actually as I had seen photos of some of the floats online once or twice.

I love all the details that go into the floats! Even though you only see it for a few minutes, they’re so wonderfully decorated and so magical.

I thought this cart was funny. Would you try some ‘PopBone’? I wouldn’t!

I think that this was my favorite float! The design was cute with the teddy bear pumpkins.

Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat. Does this look like a dessert or a savory to you? It’s a savory! It was purple potato mash with some beef underneath! The colour scheme matches the park so well and it’s decorated like it too! It’s rather peculiar to eat something that is warm but looks like a cold food but it was yummy none-the-less. I also got a Churro after this as I refuse to visit DisneyLand and not consume a Churros (or two).

A pretty store display with festive goods on display. The little Halloween Bento boxes are so cute.

I actually did not purchase any Halloween goods from Disney as I try to not buy many things when I visit the parks. It’s so easy to go over board with things.

Cute Roomwear. Disney Land offers many different goods and different stores! I do love to browse the stores though.

The displays in the stores are just as nice as the window displays. I bought a few gifts and souvenirs this day though!

After a little shopping we went to the Philhar Magic Theater. I love this little show so much! It’s entirely in Japanese but I simply enjoy it regardless! I think people might think it’s boring or they won’t understand it but don’t fear! It’s enjoyable regardless. The waiting area has these interesting movie displays.

Next it was time for the ‘Dreaming Up’ Parade! I adore the ‘Dreaming Up!’ Parade so much. I love the floats, the songs the costumes the dances! It’s all so magical.

I did get some ‘Honey’ Popcorn to enjoy while watching the parade. I really enjoy Honey popcorn at DisneyLand – I will hunt it down and by it multiple times because one box is not enough T_T. I need more! I took a lot of photos but I don’t want to bore you with them so here’s one of my favorites – the Disney Princess’ (I cut off Aurora by missing a photo opportunity).

Peter Pan and Wendy! I love Wendy’s dress here! The gradient is so beautiful.

Afterwards, we went on Peter Pan’s Flight which I always enjoy. I love Peter Pan! How cute is little Tinkerbell?

I actually really like the Sequin Minnie Ears – I purchased the rose gold at a different day and I adore them. I wore them everytime I went to the parks and it was so nice to wear them. I have so many lovely memories with them now.

Wondering around and we went onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ride after. The line was quite long but I really enjoy Pirates. I was unable to ride my favorite Pooh ride this time as the wait was over two hours! I do love it but not so much for a two hour wait.

By this time it was getting a little dark so I decided to leave. I was pretty tired and I wasn’t in the mood to buy more or ride any more rides and it started to get a little cold. The elephants on Dumbo looks a little scary here too. I did want to watch the night parades but I was getting tired and my friend and her mum left for the day so I was alone so I decided to leave.

I had so much fun visiting the park and getting dressed up.

I did buy myself a few little things while I visited the park while buying gifts for others.

Firstly, this lovely Rapunzel Bracelet. It has a cute ribbon in pink and purple, a pearl, Rapunzel, and some flowers. It’s so dainty and not overly Disney – I think it’s a nice little touch of Disney to the everyday.

Of course, I had to buy something with a little touch of Pooh! I actually really like the little bee ring a lot. The set is not super obviously Pooh which is nice.

And of course, Peter Pan! I actually went as Wendy Darling to the Park so I wanted to purchase something ‘Neverland-like’ to remember the day by. The star ring is pretty but the Peter Ring is very obviously ‘Peter Pan’ so I try to be more mindful when wearing this set around.

I did purchase a few other items but they were gifts for others and I didn’t actually take any pictures of them before gifting them. Disney Land has a wonderful selection of things to gift to others!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and were interested in it. Tokyo Disney Land decorates the parks so nicely it’s fun to see!

Thank you for reading my post! – Flora

How to Enjoy a Rainy Day!

How to Enjoy a Rainy Day!

Hello Beauties,

There are so many reason I love rainy days. I’m such a homebody, rainy days means it’s the perfect weather to stay inside to stay dry. I love the sounds and smell of rain – how lovely is it too doze off while the sound of rain is lulling you to sleep?

Of course, sometimes, it feels like the rain doesn’t end and it can be bothersome to stay inside for so long so I’ve written a sweet little list for you to help you enjoy a cosy, dreamy rainy day inside.

  • Read a Book

The comforting sounds of rain, a flickering candle and some twinkling fairy lights and get lost in the words written on the page and escape the world with your imagination.

  • Freshen up an Area of your Room

Being home bound is a wonderful time to tidy and area of your room and do a task you’ve been putting off for a while. You can take the time to organize your closet or go through some belongings you don’t use daily and check to make sure you still want them.

  • Be Quiet

Take the time to simply just be, put your phone on silent and just watch the rain fall on the window. Let your mind wonder and enjoy the quiet.

  • Watch a Movie

Grab a blanket and something yummy to snack on and enjoy watching a movie. I have so many movies I enjoy watching it can be a challenge to pick just one to watch. I wrote a post on some of my favorite movies – if you need any recommendations you can read it here.

  • Study Something

Have a study session – the rain outside will provide the perfect sounds for a small study session. You can study something you’re passionate on or just something you’ve been curious about. You can study something like new recipes to cook, start to learn a new language or you can do some drawings or paintings. There’s so many sources and information on the internet, outside will be dry before you even realize.

Do you enjoy rainy days? Is there anything you enjoy to do on a rainy day?

Thank you so much for reading

– Flora

{My Dream Bag} Maison de Fleur x Winnie the Pooh Backpack

{My Dream Bag} Maison de Fleur x Winnie the Pooh Backpack

Hello Beauties,

Today, I wanted to write a blog post on this cute backpack that is one of my dream items.

I saw this bag when I was in Japan and I really wanted it but I don’t need it so I regretfully never purchased it and just longed for it for a while. That was until I saw that Maison de Fleur decided to release a collab with Disney! The back pack was available in several colours and characters but I was under the assumption that the Winnie the Pooh version was only in the black colour-way. Which I do like black but I don’t need a black backpack, and these bags are not that cheap – not cheap enough to buy just because I want it.

Also, Maison de Fleur is a little hard to purchase from when out of Japan as they don’t accept foreign credit cards so ordering is a little bothersome as you will need a shopping service.

However, I was browsing Mercari (looking for this backpack at a reasonable price actually) and I stumbled on the Winnie the Pooh backpack – in Pink! I was so surprised to see it because I didn’t know it existed- I decided to purchase it straight away because I was scared someone else could buy it before I would.

Honestly, this bag makes me so happy. I adore it so much – I have actually noticed that I no longer spend my time browsing Mercari looking for this bag (and making silly little other purchases that I see when I browse online) so actually this bag has saved me money.

The bag is really chic in design and it’s quite plain, there’s only one front pocket and the pouch pocket at the front of the bag.

The ribbon is easily detachable and you can use it on other bags if you wish. It has a little gold medallion with the brand written on it. I love how the ribbon adds a girly touch but it’s not ‘cutesy’ or too childish – for my style and what I like, this is still age appropriate for me.

There is a top handle as well. It makes it easy to grab and hold if you need.

The straps are adjustable with buckles which I really like. Buckle straps are the easiest for me to adjust and to make sure they are even which is good. The back of the backpack is plain, which is nice so it’ll be comfortable to wear for all day.

I love a structured bag – it makes being able to organize your belongings easy. You can see the little Pooh on the side – from the outside, this is the only ‘Disney’ bit. I love that it’s really subtle but it’s still there. Most people will miss this little detail but I love knowing that little Pooh will always be with me.

The ‘Pooh’ is actually embossed on with a goldish material which matches the hard wear on the bag nicely. It really makes Pooh stand out.

There’s a small zippy compartment on the front of the bag. I do like having a small little pouch on the front of the bag, but I tend to try to put things that aren’t valuable in there like mints, pens, tissues or candy in there as a security precaution.

The lining really high lights the Pooh collaboration with the scuba like fabric printed with all the citizens of the 100-ache woods as well as some cute little bees and Pooh’s favourite – Honey! I like the fabric, it’s silky and soft and it feels durable.

There is a small hidden zippy compartment in the back of the bag. It’s a little small compartment but useful for organizing your belongings.

I really love this bag, so so much. It’s so pretty and I’m so glad that I waited for this collaboration instead of purchasing the ordinary bag. The design is so girly and cute but it’s also a little bit elegant and stylish.

This brand is so popular and well loved in Japan. A lot of girls have goods from Maison de Fleur – they have the prettiest goods and store fronts. This bag is one of my dream items and I’m so glad that I was able to find it online and purchase it. I really hope one day, I can wear this bag to DisneyLand – it would be perfect for the parks.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed seeing my dream bag.


My Favorite Movies #One

My Favorite Movies #One

Hello Beauties,

Today I wanted to write a post on my favorite current movies that I like. I’m always looking for new movies to watch so I wanted to start by sharing mine. After all, what you give is what you get back.

These aren’t all my favorite films, I’ve come up with a few categories and picked a movie I like from each to share. Maybe in different seasons I’ll do different versions of this post. What do you think?

‘Foreign Movie’

The Sissi Trilogy.

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me tweet this movie before. I watched it on the world movie channel and I loved it. I actually watched part three first and then one and then two. I adore Sissi, and her journey from falling in love with the prince to be coming a mother and being a queen. I personally love the third movie the best as I love how the story tells us of the love between a mother and her child. I’m not sure where you can watch it overseas but I can watch it on SBS on Demand in Australia.

Honorable mention: Sophie’s Misfortune’s (french).

‘Princess Movie’

Disney Cinderella 2015

This was a difficult category to pick just one movie as there are so many Princess movies that I adore but I had to pick Disney’s Cinderella (2015) simply because I love the retelling so much. The costumes, the setting the actors and actresses are all so wonderful. I love ‘Have Courage and Be Kind’ so much. I write it down everywhere to remind myself of it. It’s streaming on Disney+ so I suggest you watch it there.

Honorable mentions: Barbie as Princess and the Pauper, Roman Holiday.

‘Animated Movie’

Tangled (2010)

It was hard to pick an animated movie I adore the most because I have such a fondness for them. I picked Tangled because I really love Rapunzel and Eugene together and the way their relationship develops over the movie. The songs are all lovely and while the movie is upbeat and makes me happy, it does have a good message to it as well.

Honorable mention: Sleeping Beauty.

‘Favorite Childhood Movie’

Mary Poppins

While I was growing up – my favorite movie was Mary Poppins. An unusual choice for a child, perhaps but I loved Mary Poppins and I wished she would come and take care of me as a child. I always wished I could jump into the screen as she and the Banks children jump into the cartoon world and sing and dance with the penguins.

Honorable mention: The Sound of Music.

‘Favorite Chick Flick’


It was a hard choice as I love a feel good, chick flick but I went with ‘Clueless’ just because I loved it so much growing up. I’m not sure I understood it when I was younger but I loved Cher – sure, she’s a little.. well, clueless but she’s genuine and she does have good intentions. Plus her wardrobe is amazing – I don’t know many who don’t covet her rotating closet and digital outfit picker.

Honorable mentions: ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Mean Girls’.

I love having a movie marathon and watching all my favorites but I also like to try and find new favorites. I hope that I managed to share some new movies you haven’t seen before or may have just forgotten.

Thank you so much for reading!

I took all the pictures from Pinterest but I did link all the original images.

My Evelyn Bag Collection

My Evelyn Bag Collection

Hello Beauties,

Today, I wanted to share my Evelyn bag collection as I really like ‘collection’ type things.

I really like Evelyn bags as well – they’re very cute and they have always been quite useful. They match the clothing so perfectly as well. The one thing I don’t like about them is they’re always a novelty or a gift when you spend so much. They’re so cute, I kind of wish I could just buy them on their own.

I normally purchase mine on ‘Mercari’ second hand (however I normally only buy brand new ones)

The first bag I got was this backpack and I really love it! It’s the perfect size – it’s neither too big or too small so I really like it for that reason. The little bijou charm is so cute and adds the perfect little touch of glam to an otherwise, plain bag. That’s one thing that I like about Evelyn bags, they’re designs are simple but they have a little touch of glamour on them. Sadly, on gem fell off the charm but I never found it.

My second backpack was from the recent novelty campaign in store. I love the elegant, quilted design and the pearl x bijoux button on the front flap. This backpack is a little larger than the other one which is nice. I like this design a lot as it’s a really nice design.

This is my only pink bag from Evelyn – I typically stick to black because I worry that the pink colours will not match all my other pinks. I don’t always trust colours online and I’d rather make sure I purchase something I know I’ll use because it matches! I just missed this design instore and I always really wanted it so I found it online! I like that it has a top handle and a long strap as well making it very useful. This bag comes with a charm with a ribbon and a bijou piece which is really cute and adds a lot to the bag. I would say that this bag is a ‘medium’ size which is what I prefer.

This crossbody was actually my second Evelyn bag! I really like it because even though it’s small, it can fit a good amount in it. I actually didn’t have a crossbody bag before this one and it really made me like the style of bag! The front pocket is really useful as well.

This next one was an online only release however, I didn’t want to buy any clothes to get it so I decided to look for it online and I found it. This is a smaller crossbody style but still really cute. It’s almost a sportier style as it’s made with fabric and the strap being a little shorter. The spend amount for this was a little lower than usual and this bag does feel a little cheaper than other designs but I don’t mind as I use this bag more when I don’t really mind that it could be ruined. It featured a big bow on the front design with a pearl x bijou design which is really cute.

The final bag I have is this cute crossbody but it’s a more elegant design. It’s velvet and quilted fabric makes me think of this bag as an evening or event bag. The chain is also quite heavy and it’s quite sturdy which is quite nice. The bag comes with a big pearl x bijou broach which is removable – you can remove it or attach it where you want. I think this broach design really adds so much to the bag!

That’s all for my Evelyn bag collection – it’s not the biggest collection but I really like it a lot. I think the designs I’ve accumulated are useful and look really nice.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my post!


[Haul] Disney Stationary

[Haul] Disney Stationary

Hello Beauties,

There are two things I am positively obsessed with – Disney and Stationary.

Disney Japan has released some really adorable stationary a while ago and I simply could not resist purchasing some goods from the collection.

The collection is a ‘forest’ theme collection, with characters like Alice, Bambi and Tinkerbell featured on the collection. I love all these of these characters. I ended up purchasing a bit from the ‘Bambi’ theme because I am quite fond of the pink theme.

Bambi pencil case / pen case Slim Flower Classic

I have quite a few pencil cases but I really love having a matching ‘set’. The floral pattern is so adorable and the gold Bambi is quite classy and elegant. I like that it’s not overly Disney and one can simply turn over the side with Bambi and keep it your own little secret if you wish. The fake saffiano leather gives this pencil case a more luxe finish.

Assorted Flower theme Washi

I enjoy decorating my note books and my schedule books with washi tape. I couldn’t choose between the three designs so I choose all three.

Flower theme Notebook

I am always writing down my to-do lists, things I need to do, cute little sketches and just my general thoughts and ideas. I have quite the collection of notebooks to sustain my creativity. I decided to purchase all these types of note books because they are so cute. I end up always regretting not purchasing more when I find cute designs so I decided to not make the same mistake I always make and get them all.

Alice, Bambi, Tinker Bell Clip Flower Classic

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such cute paper clips! I don’t always use paper clips so having a pack of three is quite good for me. It’s the perfect amount for if you just need a clip but you don’t want to have to store a lot of them.

Bambi & Flower Clip File Flower Classic

I suppose most people would over look a clip board, but I typically use them to lean on when I write things. I find them helpful and while I don’t use them all the time, I do use them when I need them and of course, I need a cute one!

Sticky Notes / Notepads Flower Classic

I actually only purchased the Bambi for myself – I purchased the Tinkerbell for my mother because she adores sassy little Tink and she uses sticky notes often! I hope she’ll enjoy using these.

Bambi Sarasa Multi 0.5 Flower Classic

I adore the floral Bambi printed on this pen – how darling would it look using the pen, pencil case and note book all together? I would feel so smart.

Bambi Decoration Tape Flower Classic

And more Washi Tape – this one is only Bambi and friends against the most darling floral pattern.

Rapunzel, Ariel, Bell Decoration Tape Die-cut Girly Princess
Rapunzel decoration tape princess silhouette

I went a little washi over board. But I adore Disney Princesses. I currently have a Disney Rapunzel Planner so I love to use Disney Princess washi to somewhat match the aesthetic.

Rapunzel & Pascal Clip Natural Princess

I have no idea what possessed me to purchase two types of clips but these are so adorable I’m not so mad. This set is some beautiful soft gold paper clips adorned with Pascal, Rapunzel’s friend, Rapunzel and a beautiful blushing pink flower.

Rapunzel Ring Notebook Natural Princess

This pattern is so pretty! I love the water colour Rapunzel print. Normally, Rapunzel is a purple colour yet this ‘natural’ collection – Rapunzel is pink! I adore Pink and Rapunzel so I had to have this.

Rapunzel Whiteboard Natural Princess

This is something different and new. I’ve never seen a whiteboard on Disney before but I thought that this might be good for writing my work roster or a motivational quote on weekly. I simply must find a good place for it.

Ariel & Sebastian Shopping Bag / Eco Bag Crystal Dream

Eco bags are an important handbag necessity and I decided to purchase this one. I love the artistic pattern and that it can fold into a small bag – easy to bring with you in your handbag. Using an eco bag is important so having one that I can carry with my always and has a use print that I want to use is super important.

Minnie & Daisy Hair Clip MAEGAMI Hair Cosme

I often see girls using these types of clips to clip their hair back while doing make up because they don’t crease or dent your hair. These cute set features besties Minnie and Daisy.

Cookie Tins

I like to use cute tins like this to organize my tea and my pantry goods. I shall enjoy my cookies with my tea when I want too but once they’re done, I shall use the tins to organize my teas. They are easily stackable and more compact then the boxes that tea normally comes with so I prefer to use tins such as this. Plus they’re so much prettier too look at. I can envision the world of Wonderland or imagine swimming around aquatic creatures in the water while I choose my tea.

Thank you for joining in my fairytale, 



[Review] Saborino Yuzu Sheet Mask Pack

[Review] Saborino Yuzu Sheet Mask Pack

Hi Beauties, 

Lately, I’ve been trying to spoil myself with a little more ‘self care’ time and what better way to treat yourself to some easy, time to yourself than a sheet mask? 
Not only is it a great way to treat your skin – it’s a good excuse to excuse yourself from others or lie down for about 10-15 minutes and rest for a bit than with a sheet mask. 
I saw the Saborino range a lot while in Japan and it’s a popular mask to use there. 

Saborino comes in pack (this particular one is a pack of 32 so it should last you one month) and normally each season they come out with a limited pack. This one is limited Yuzu collection and I purchased it from LOFT. 
Saborino’s concept is skincare to lazy girls and they can be left on for only one minute. I typically leave the mask on for longer because I like to relax with a mask. 

The packaging is really convenient – it pack is easy to remove one mask at a time and reseal them to keep the moisture in. 
The sheet masks are soft and the fabric used is a little stretchy so they’re easy to mold to the face. They’re moisturizing however they aren’t soaked so in moisture that they drip and are wet. 

The scent is Yuzu – which is like a light citrus scent. It’s both refreshing and energizing. It would be a great mask to use in the morning as a part of your morning routine because it’s so refreshing. It’s so important to take time in the morning for yourself and start your day right.

What is your favorite sheet mask? What do you do to relax every day?

Thank you for reading my post.

With Love,