My Evelyn Bag Collection

My Evelyn Bag Collection

Hello Beauties,

Today, I wanted to share my Evelyn bag collection as I really like ‘collection’ type things.

I really like Evelyn bags as well – they’re very cute and they have always been quite useful. They match the clothing so perfectly as well. The one thing I don’t like about them is they’re always a novelty or a gift when you spend so much. They’re so cute, I kind of wish I could just buy them on their own.

I normally purchase mine on ‘Mercari’ second hand (however I normally only buy brand new ones)

The first bag I got was this backpack and I really love it! It’s the perfect size – it’s neither too big or too small so I really like it for that reason. The little bijou charm is so cute and adds the perfect little touch of glam to an otherwise, plain bag. That’s one thing that I like about Evelyn bags, they’re designs are simple but they have a little touch of glamour on them. Sadly, on gem fell off the charm but I never found it.

My second backpack was from the recent novelty campaign in store. I love the elegant, quilted design and the pearl x bijoux button on the front flap. This backpack is a little larger than the other one which is nice. I like this design a lot as it’s a really nice design.

This is my only pink bag from Evelyn – I typically stick to black because I worry that the pink colours will not match all my other pinks. I don’t always trust colours online and I’d rather make sure I purchase something I know I’ll use because it matches! I just missed this design instore and I always really wanted it so I found it online! I like that it has a top handle and a long strap as well making it very useful. This bag comes with a charm with a ribbon and a bijou piece which is really cute and adds a lot to the bag. I would say that this bag is a ‘medium’ size which is what I prefer.

This crossbody was actually my second Evelyn bag! I really like it because even though it’s small, it can fit a good amount in it. I actually didn’t have a crossbody bag before this one and it really made me like the style of bag! The front pocket is really useful as well.

This next one was an online only release however, I didn’t want to buy any clothes to get it so I decided to look for it online and I found it. This is a smaller crossbody style but still really cute. It’s almost a sportier style as it’s made with fabric and the strap being a little shorter. The spend amount for this was a little lower than usual and this bag does feel a little cheaper than other designs but I don’t mind as I use this bag more when I don’t really mind that it could be ruined. It featured a big bow on the front design with a pearl x bijou design which is really cute.

The final bag I have is this cute crossbody but it’s a more elegant design. It’s velvet and quilted fabric makes me think of this bag as an evening or event bag. The chain is also quite heavy and it’s quite sturdy which is quite nice. The bag comes with a big pearl x bijou broach which is removable – you can remove it or attach it where you want. I think this broach design really adds so much to the bag!

That’s all for my Evelyn bag collection – it’s not the biggest collection but I really like it a lot. I think the designs I’ve accumulated are useful and look really nice.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my post!


[Haul] Disney Stationary

[Haul] Disney Stationary

Hello Beauties,

There are two things I am positively obsessed with – Disney and Stationary.

Disney Japan has released some really adorable stationary a while ago and I simply could not resist purchasing some goods from the collection.

The collection is a ‘forest’ theme collection, with characters like Alice, Bambi and Tinkerbell featured on the collection. I love all these of these characters. I ended up purchasing a bit from the ‘Bambi’ theme because I am quite fond of the pink theme.

Bambi pencil case / pen case Slim Flower Classic

I have quite a few pencil cases but I really love having a matching ‘set’. The floral pattern is so adorable and the gold Bambi is quite classy and elegant. I like that it’s not overly Disney and one can simply turn over the side with Bambi and keep it your own little secret if you wish. The fake saffiano leather gives this pencil case a more luxe finish.

Assorted Flower theme Washi

I enjoy decorating my note books and my schedule books with washi tape. I couldn’t choose between the three designs so I choose all three.

Flower theme Notebook

I am always writing down my to-do lists, things I need to do, cute little sketches and just my general thoughts and ideas. I have quite the collection of notebooks to sustain my creativity. I decided to purchase all these types of note books because they are so cute. I end up always regretting not purchasing more when I find cute designs so I decided to not make the same mistake I always make and get them all.

Alice, Bambi, Tinker Bell Clip Flower Classic

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such cute paper clips! I don’t always use paper clips so having a pack of three is quite good for me. It’s the perfect amount for if you just need a clip but you don’t want to have to store a lot of them.

Bambi & Flower Clip File Flower Classic

I suppose most people would over look a clip board, but I typically use them to lean on when I write things. I find them helpful and while I don’t use them all the time, I do use them when I need them and of course, I need a cute one!

Sticky Notes / Notepads Flower Classic

I actually only purchased the Bambi for myself – I purchased the Tinkerbell for my mother because she adores sassy little Tink and she uses sticky notes often! I hope she’ll enjoy using these.

Bambi Sarasa Multi 0.5 Flower Classic

I adore the floral Bambi printed on this pen – how darling would it look using the pen, pencil case and note book all together? I would feel so smart.

Bambi Decoration Tape Flower Classic

And more Washi Tape – this one is only Bambi and friends against the most darling floral pattern.

Rapunzel, Ariel, Bell Decoration Tape Die-cut Girly Princess
Rapunzel decoration tape princess silhouette

I went a little washi over board. But I adore Disney Princesses. I currently have a Disney Rapunzel Planner so I love to use Disney Princess washi to somewhat match the aesthetic.

Rapunzel & Pascal Clip Natural Princess

I have no idea what possessed me to purchase two types of clips but these are so adorable I’m not so mad. This set is some beautiful soft gold paper clips adorned with Pascal, Rapunzel’s friend, Rapunzel and a beautiful blushing pink flower.

Rapunzel Ring Notebook Natural Princess

This pattern is so pretty! I love the water colour Rapunzel print. Normally, Rapunzel is a purple colour yet this ‘natural’ collection – Rapunzel is pink! I adore Pink and Rapunzel so I had to have this.

Rapunzel Whiteboard Natural Princess

This is something different and new. I’ve never seen a whiteboard on Disney before but I thought that this might be good for writing my work roster or a motivational quote on weekly. I simply must find a good place for it.

Ariel & Sebastian Shopping Bag / Eco Bag Crystal Dream

Eco bags are an important handbag necessity and I decided to purchase this one. I love the artistic pattern and that it can fold into a small bag – easy to bring with you in your handbag. Using an eco bag is important so having one that I can carry with my always and has a use print that I want to use is super important.

Minnie & Daisy Hair Clip MAEGAMI Hair Cosme

I often see girls using these types of clips to clip their hair back while doing make up because they don’t crease or dent your hair. These cute set features besties Minnie and Daisy.

Cookie Tins

I like to use cute tins like this to organize my tea and my pantry goods. I shall enjoy my cookies with my tea when I want too but once they’re done, I shall use the tins to organize my teas. They are easily stackable and more compact then the boxes that tea normally comes with so I prefer to use tins such as this. Plus they’re so much prettier too look at. I can envision the world of Wonderland or imagine swimming around aquatic creatures in the water while I choose my tea.

Thank you for joining in my fairytale, 



[Review] Saborino Yuzu Sheet Mask Pack

[Review] Saborino Yuzu Sheet Mask Pack

Hi Beauties, 

Lately, I’ve been trying to spoil myself with a little more ‘self care’ time and what better way to treat yourself to some easy, time to yourself than a sheet mask? 
Not only is it a great way to treat your skin – it’s a good excuse to excuse yourself from others or lie down for about 10-15 minutes and rest for a bit than with a sheet mask. 
I saw the Saborino range a lot while in Japan and it’s a popular mask to use there. 

Saborino comes in pack (this particular one is a pack of 32 so it should last you one month) and normally each season they come out with a limited pack. This one is limited Yuzu collection and I purchased it from LOFT. 
Saborino’s concept is skincare to lazy girls and they can be left on for only one minute. I typically leave the mask on for longer because I like to relax with a mask. 

The packaging is really convenient – it pack is easy to remove one mask at a time and reseal them to keep the moisture in. 
The sheet masks are soft and the fabric used is a little stretchy so they’re easy to mold to the face. They’re moisturizing however they aren’t soaked so in moisture that they drip and are wet. 

The scent is Yuzu – which is like a light citrus scent. It’s both refreshing and energizing. It would be a great mask to use in the morning as a part of your morning routine because it’s so refreshing. It’s so important to take time in the morning for yourself and start your day right.

What is your favorite sheet mask? What do you do to relax every day?

Thank you for reading my post.

With Love,